What is Enlightenment?

Facts and Interpretations

Thought for the day: one of the key mistakes we all make is not realising that what we sometimes take to be a fact is in fact an interpretation we have made. Remember that neuroscientists and psychologists tell us that we can never know reality directly, only the interpretations that we have made about reality. The implications for this fact of nature are potentially vast.

Some would say that actually there are such things as facts in life – that the rule “life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% what you make of it” applies. That death, loss, disability and bereavement are facts of life. Even if this is true, there is still the great majority of life – 90% – to play with!

The Buddha and Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation gives us the space to see our interpretations for what they are: opinions, that can be changed, if we so wish. 2500 years ago the Buddha taught that when we realise that what we take to be reality is in fact a set of meanings we have created in our own head, we have made a discovery that he called Enlightenment.

What is Satori/Enlightenment?

Remember that Enlightenment is not (usually) a sudden flash of a light turning on, but the gradually ever increasing brightness of that light. Some people live in the relative darkness of depression, while others struggle on, blindly reacting to circumstances, not understanding the consequences of their actions, and that what they take to be reality is actually the interpretations that their brain has made.

Are you living your life or is your life living you?

For those willing to make the step into higher awareness, mindfulness is key. But so is courage – once you accept that just about the whole of your reality is within your choice, it is a daunting view. While on this road, we shall know great fear, but we shall also know great wisdom, joy and delight.

And these moment shall make the whole journey worthwhile

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