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See below for an essential selection of some of the top sites in this niche.  If you know of any other sites that you think should be here, please let me know!

  • Word on Fire – WoF is run by Bishop Robert Barron, a notable Catholic evangelist. Barron’s mission is to “evangelise the culture”. He seeks to put forward the Christian gospel in a way that relates to the modern ears of his core audience of lapsed Catholics. There are millions of these in America alone.

He has had a lot of success in engaging young people, too. Check out his You Tube channel, his videos are excellent.

  • Zen Habits – is a great, clean looking site that inhabits the space between meditation, clean living, minimalism and establishing good habits in your life.

The blogger, Leo Babauta, has built up an audience of millions describing his life story of changing his outlook totally. He went from being overweight, in debt, having a smoking habit and eating badly to living a much healthier and prosperous life.

And he has kept up the changes he made.

I appreciate also the Zen angle he has; check him out.

  • Reddit Meditation – I know the site Reddit will be a well known site to many of you. The social and discussion site is known “the front page of the internet”. It is a top 20 site worldwide. But its key strength IMHO lies not in the cat and dog pics on the front page, but subreddits like r/meditation.

Great discussion and content on all types of mindfulness and meditation. Get involved, don’t be a lurker!

  • HTB Church, London – A hugely influential Anglican church Based in Kensington, London. The vicar there is Nicky Gumbel, the developer of the hugely influential Alpha course (see below).

You can see videos on the HTB site of Gumbel preaching sometimes. He is a great teacher and speaker.

  • Alpha – an 8 week introduction course to the Christian faith. Starting from HTB church 30 years ago, the course has grown exponentially; 25 million people all over the world have now done an Alpha course.

I’ve been on Alpha and its well worth doing. It changes lives. There are courses running at churches all over the world. Check out your local church if you are interested.

  • Deepak Chopra –  The website of the well known author and public speaker. If you’re from the US you may know him from his TV shows with Oprah.

Deepak has real insight into matters such as meditation, consciousness, healing and ancient Eastern wisdom. One of his key themes is using meditation practice to still the mind and see into the true nature of the self.

  • Tiny Buddha – This great little site is a nice mix of spiritual wisdom, personal development and self help. Obviously as the name suggests, there is a slight leaning towards Eastern wisdom here. Nothing wrong with that. Well worth a look.
  • Mind Body Green – these guys have been around for years. They discuss topics such as mindfulness, but also have a more holistic slant on topics such as food, relationships, health and lifestyle. A relaxing, informative read.

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