Worship Song of the Century? Hillsong’s “What a Beautiful Name” Wins the Internets

Ten Facts About “What a Beautiful Name” You Might Not Know

  1. The song was written by Brooke Ligertwood and Ben Fielding of the group Hillsong Worship.
  2. Hillsong is an Australian megachurch that has 100,000 attendants across 80 sites around the world, including London, Oxford and Birmingham.
  3. Millions of people all over the world every Sunday sing Hillsong’s songs – the church’s popularity is founded on its music.
  4. The song won a 2018 Grammy Award for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance”.
  5. The song has 125m views on YouTube – the most of any worship song on the web.
  6. The song was composed in Sydney, Australia in 2015 in preparation for the upcoming Hillsong Conference.
  7. Apparently part of the success of the song is due to its “singability”. The song has a small vocal range that does not strain the voice with too many high or low notes. Who knew?
  8. The song topped the Billboard Christian chart for 28 weeks making it the 2nd longest Christian chart topper in the chart’s history. (The longest topper in the chart’s history was Hillsong’s “Oceans” at 61 weeks)
  9. When asked about performing the song in church, Ligertwoord commented:

“Because the audience is part of the church and we sing these songs in church regularly, most of the people in attendance were already familiar with the tracks. As an audience, they are just super gracious and welcoming. Our mission is that the music will resonate with them. We’re not really performing—we’re simply vessels”

10. Amen for Hillsong’s awesome music!