Hello world!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog – Satori Mind. In case you were wondering, the word “Satori” is a Japanese Zen word meaning “sudden Enlightenment”.

Zen teaches us that Satori is the goal of all meditation, indeed, of all life. In this blog I hope you will come away with a taste of Satori, and maybe a better understanding of the beliefs and practices that enable skillful, peaceful living.

What topics will my blog cover?

Satori Mind will reflect my interests broadly, and will mainly cover the areas of meditation and spirituality. I hope that my blog will cover a range of topics; my aim is that I give peace and mind, and spiritual insight from both East and West.

Spiritually wise, my background is Christian. So I will be talking about the Bible and issues such as prayer and church too.

I do however, have an interest in Buddhism. This means I am open to spiritual ideas from the East as well. I don’t see the two sides, East and West, as mutually exclusive; they interpenetrate and enhance each other continually.

What about meditation?

That will be covered too!

I’ve been practicing some sort of mindfulness practice for some years now, and so have a  modicum of insight and experience to share and reflect upon.

My approach to  mindfulness is simply to stay a beginner, no matter how long I practice.

A beginners mind is open and there are many possibilities. Best way to be.

Who am I?

Seek inside and you will find the answer.

Only joking!

I am a 30-something spiritual seeker from the South-West UK, in a place called Swindon. I’ve been interested in faith since my early twenties, and am still on a journey of discovery and learning.

Its been quite a ride!

And there’s more to come…

Get in touch

I’m enjoying writing this blog, but hope it will be a two-way process. If you have a comment or contribution to make, then please do get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you!

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